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A full-featured, online pilot management system designed to ensure compliance with all CFR Part 135 regulations or your country's requirements. Data can be uploaded from any web-enabled device and is used to manage duty time, rest periods, crew training, weight & balance, FRAT, and so much more.

Flight & Duty Tracker™ is 100% compliant with FAA AC 120-78 and FAA Operations Specifications A025 Electronic Recordkeeping Systems enabling your operation to enjoy a more simplified and expedient recordkeeping system.

We are proud to announce our support for Transport Canada flight time, duty times, and training compliance.

Are you an HAA operator?  Are you ready to complete the A021 report?  We have you covered - in 3 easy clicks you can produce the exact FAA A021 Excel report to send to the FAA!

Do you operate an Operational Control Center?  Ask us how Flight & Duty Tracker™ can integrate into your launch flow.

New feature just added: track crew (non-pilot) training events!  Medical staff, mechanics, OCS personnel, flight followers, anyone that flight operations trains on a recurring basis can be tracked.



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