Sundance Helicopters is a proud user of the FlightVector Flight and Duty Tracker system. As the Chief Pilot, the duty of tracking and coordinating training, duty records and internal documents for a pilot staff of 60 is made infinitely easier and more efficient by utilizing this system. With a few clicks, I have access to all of the pertinent information required to schedule pilots for recurrent training, manage their flight and duty logs and contact information, and build a library of documents for dissemination by the pilot staff and others.

Some of the other highlights that are indispensable to us as a company is the speedy response to customization requests, allowing us to constantly improve the system and tailor it to how we want to manage pilot records. The ability to create custom reports is another great feature that makes gathering the data from the system a snap. I would highly recommend Flight and Duty Tracker to organizations of all sizes and operational scope.

Mark Schlaefli, Chief Pilot, Sundance Helicopters