Crew Tracking

Flight Vector is introducing a new option coming to Flight & Duty Tracker - Crew Training and Tracking. We are adding the ability for you to track training events, crew weights (tie-in to W&B), and currency for your crew.

Who would be a "Crew" you ask? Medical staff, mechanics, CSR's, OCS, COMM Specs., refuelers, or anyone you train on a reoccurring basis. You decide what is important to track and run reports just like you do for Pilots today.


Auto weight

When adding a new Crew that is part of the flight team you can now add their weight which will be linked to Flight Entry's W&B tool.

The pilot will then click a seat position and select the appropriate person with their weight auto-populating saving you time.

crew master training

Just like today, you can use Master Training Tracking reports to view your pilot staff.  With the new Crew feature you will have access to the Crew Master Training Tracking report.

Easily see which Crew needs what and when.

reduced cost

This brand new feature allows those who are tracking non-pilots as if they are pilots to save money.  Move those Crew out of the pilots area and into the reduced cost Crew area.

You decide whether and to what extent a Crew personnel has access to Flight & Duty Tracker.