The new Library, formerly known as Documents, sees some minor changes in Phase 1.  We've updated the icons used to denote tags and have reworked the table of files to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

find & tags

Just like before, we do not use folders to sort company files, we use Tags instead.  For those companies with a great many files stored in the Library it is vitally important to tag them.  This will make it easier for everyone to easily find what they are looking for.  

To find a file or document, you have several methods at your disposal.

  • FIND - Click in this box and start typing what you are looking for, the system will automatically filter the list based on your search.
  • TAGS - From the dropdown menu select as many tags as you like in order to find what you are searching for - the list will filter as you select tags.  Select as many tags as you wish from the dropdown list.
  • HEADER - Clicking on the header names, within the files table, will sort the files alphabetically or by date uploaded depending on the column you are clicking on.  Clicking multiple times will change it from A to Z or Z to A (earliest to latest or latest to earliest).


The process to upload new files has not changed.  But let's run through the process one more time.

  • Click on CHOOSE FILE to add a new file
    NOTE:  You can upload any file type and any size.
  • Use the 'Require Reading for' checkbox to denote if this file should be sent to all pilots or if have you multiple bases you may select the base/location to send it to.
    NOTE:  You can run a report on when each pilot clicked on each 'Required Reading' marked file on the Reports tab (Documents View).
  • Click the Tag icon to add as many tags as you like.  Use ';' semicolon in between each tag                                                                  if you want to add multiple tags for a single file.

We'll be making additional changes to the Library tab in a later Phase release.


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