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Refreshed Home

Refreshed Home

Flight & Duty Tracker™ Home

We have recently updated FDT with a fresher look and faster speeds.  In addition, the site works just like an app when you are using your smartphone to make entries.

The new site has been designed to be responsive to any screen size (tablet, phone, laptop, or large displays).  The new Home becomes your new landing area after login giving you a snapshot of your information.  Flight Entries can now be made while offline right from the browser you are used to using.  You must first login with network connectivity before entering flights while offline.

You can see at a glance the following:

  1. Daily Status - Following your company's procedures select the appropriate status.
    Optional: At your subsequent logins you can be taken directly to Flight Entry - off by default.

  2. Base - Normally this defaults to your assigned base, however you are able to change this when necessary.

  3. Currency - Your current regulatory flight/duty status, the information here is based upon your company's country of certification and sub-part of the governing body (i.e. CFR 135.265 or .267 or CAR's).

  4. Duty Time Start/End - Select to start and end your duty period. A Duty Time Start must always have a Duty Time End.
    Split Duty Day - If your regulations permit and if requested by your employer this option would be visible. ot shown.
    Not Rest Time - Company specific option. Not shown.

  5. Training - View of your current training event status. All training events are customized per your company's request. Color coding is based off of you country's regulatory authority. Training ONLY appears when you are within a training window. Admin users will see all upcoming training deadlines as was the case on the pop-up login window.

  6. Flight Time Summary - Snap shot view of your current flight times by aircraft and time period. This information is derived from Reports - Annual Resume.

Flight & Duty Tracker™ is highly customized for each customer company.  If there is an item(s) you don't see but would like to see check with your company's management personnel.

Keep reading for a more detailed explanation of the changes.

The status Bar

  1. Help - Get help anywhere on the system. From any section click the '?' to see additional helpful information.

  2. Network Status - Flight & Duty Tracker™ is designed to work online as well as offline (app and website).
    Green = Online and synced
    Red = Offline (only the Flight Entry and Library sections are available for offline use)
    NOTE: You must have a network connection to login. After which you can create a flight while offline.

  3. Required Reading - View any files (Library section) that have been marked as required reading by your administrators.

  4. New Messages - View new messages sent out by company administrators and reply back to them.

  5. Date - Start of your duty day. Select the date to view previously entered flights or enter future events such as vacation days. Some companies do not allow a pilot to alter the date.
    NOTE: Flights that occur after midnight - you must first select the calendar date of your START DUTY time. Example, you started your shift at 19:00 on 6-11-17, but you took a flight at 03:00 on the 12th, when you login FDT may take you to the 12th (the actual calendar date) first you will need to roll back the date to 6-11-17 and then enter your flight at 03:00. The system will put that flight where it belongs for you. The DATE BLOCK is your START DUTY DAY date.

*The items on this report are dependent on each company's requests.

The Side Bar Menu





1. Click or tap the menu button to expand to see a description.

The same great destinations you are already familiar with but with one notable difference - we've renamed Documents to Library.

Smartphone App

Flight & Duty Tracker has been designed to work on all devices from large to smartphones.  The site is designed as a progressive web app and will work offline.  We limit offline usage to the Home screen and Flight Entry.

  1. User Menu - The Help, Login/Out, Change Password, and About can be found here.

  2. Tap Here... - Tapping this area will expand to show Username, Date, Static Risk*, and company logo

  3. Menu - Tapping the menu icon will display the FDT Side Bar menu for navigating our the system

Offline Entries

Using the power of your browser you can enter flights while offline*.  Once reconnected your browser will sync your flights automatically and you will be advised once the system has been synced.  

*There are some limitations to this scheme that we would like you all to be aware of, keep reading.

  • You must be connected when logging into Flight & Duty Tracker, initially

  • You must input your Daily Status while connected prior to entering flights

  • Once offline you are limited to Flight Entry tab ONLY

  • Enter your flights, FRAT**, W&B**, etc. as you would normally
    ** If applicable to your company.

  • DO NOT click refresh on your browser while offline - your entered flights will be lost

  • DO NOT close your browser while offline - your entered flights will be lost. You can minimize your browser and switch to other apps without a problem.

  • Once online and connected again (indicated by the GREEN dot in the right hand corner) you are free to navigate the site and your flight(s) will be synced automatically

More to come

This is just the first Phase of our grand plan to improve/optimize each part of Flight & Duty Tracker™.  With your comments and feedback we've gone back to the drawing board to look at the system with a fresh set of eyes.  We thank you all for your great comments in our recent survey - it is because of your great feedback that these changes are rolling out.

What comes next?