Flight & Duty Tracker Launching New Website & App


Flight Vector is proud to announce the latest version of Flight & Duty Tracker!  In addition, the all new iOS iPad app is here with offline capabilities!  Click here to get the app today for free.  Click HERE for a quick tour of what's new.

To check out the new features and changes to our already fantastic Flight & Duty Tracker system click here.

Classic Air Medical Group, LLC. Receives FAA Electronic Recordkeeping Operations Specifications

October 15, 2015

Softtech Inc., the maker of the Flight Vector™ family of products, would like to wish a sincere congratulation to Classic Air Medical Group, LLC for receiving FAA Operations Specifications A025 Electronic Recordkeeping.

Classic Air Medical Group, LLC has partnered with Softtech, Inc. to implement an innovative flight operations software solution – Flight & Duty Tracker™.  Classic received FAA authorization for A025 following a comprehensive six-month evaluation period that tested the online software solution’s ability to replace paper pilot training records.

Come see how you too can eliminate the need for paper based pilot records for good.  The Flight & Duty Tracker™ team are here to take your operation into the future.