The Reports section has had some cosmetic updates with additional changes coming at a later date.

Pilots should be advised that the reports listed have been selected by your company's administrators.  If there are reports that you would like to see that aren't currently listed here, contact your management team.  The Flight & Duty Tracker team are always happy to add in the many reports we have already built for your use - those requests must come via your management team.

Remember, some reports allow you to export them to Microsoft Excel or PDF, select which type via the options prior to Generating the report.

In addition to having reports, you also have a view of  any upcoming training expirations.  Your Upcoming Training Deadlines are now more visible and will show your training deadlines further into the future (note you will also see this information on the Home screen).

pro tip

When you select a report the filter options now appear in a separate window making it easier to access when there are a large number of reports. 

New Reports popup filter window

New Reports popup filter window


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