What's New?


Flight & duty Tracker

Latest version 2.6.3 (Aug 2019)


  • Flight & Duty Tracker now fully redundant using MS Azure Cloud infrastructure with a fail-over process in place

Bug Bashing

  • Exporting to Excel was causing an error

  • Calendar picker stopped working for some File Reports

  • Generating reports using Base fixed

  • Flight & Duty Chart report was disregarding the last day of the month

  • Some expiration dates were bleeding over from “Crew” to “Pilots”

  • Aircraft # not appearing on W&B Tool

  • MSA/MOCA not always populating from CAD to FDT

Customer requests

  • Several new reports created for several customers

Latest version 2.6.2 (May 2019)


  • Aircraft section - W&B Equipment Packages. The first package in the list will be the default package on the W&B Tool that pilots see

  • Admin users can now designate how fuel will be entered on the W&B tool. Kgs, Gal, %, etc.

  • Logging now includes Admin Staff names

bug bashing

  • Added calendar and Risk icons for tablets/smartphones

  • Incomplete flights reminders link fixed

  • Aircraft section bugs for W&B fixed

  • Hobbs not populating automatically fixed

  • Can’t dismiss New Messages fixed

  • Negative numbers on Flight & Duty Chart report on the 1st of the month fixed

Latest version 2.6.1 (Jan 2019)


  • Bug Fixes

    • Headers for FRAT (risk assessment) now appear where they are supposed to

    • FRAT no longer opens in a different order each time it is opened

    • Sound notifications upon flights being received from FV CAD now works in all browsers

    • Corrected some Flight & Duty rules for flight time and duty time

    • Some reports throwing an internal server error fixed

    • NaN hr appears in Currency table on Home fixed

    • PIC With / SIC With changes now appears in change log

    • Crew login now works correctly - mechanics, med crew, etc. can login to FDT now.

    • Gateway Time Out issues have been resolved

  • Flight Entry

    • You can now receive more information from FV CAD when this feature is active.

      • Highest Obstacle for each leg

    • You can now specify certain blocks on Flight Entry based on the aircraft selected.

      • For instance, if you have a box that applies to only certain tail #’s or aircraft types and not for others we will now hide it for the aircraft it doesn’t apply to.

    • New ‘Add Leg’ icon to make it more obvious

  • Reports

    • We’ve added new abilities in Report Designer.

      • You can now group similar aircraft into one column that is added up. So if you have variants of an aircraft they no longer have to be separate columns. This will save space on a report with lots of columns.

  • Customer Additions

    • We have added 8 new specialized reports for several companies

  • Features Added

    • FV CAD can now send flights to many different FDT “companies”. For customers that have the FV CAD but use FDT with a FW site and a separate RW site you can now send flights to both FDT sites that use the same license as your FV CAD.

    • Crew Check-In *Requires FV CAD v6.3 coming Jan 2019

    • Headers for FRAT. This will make it easier to group your related FRAT fields for pilot usage.

Latest version 2.6 (June 2018)


  • Smartphone / Tablet users

    • You can now add Flight & Duty Tracker's website to your Home Screen with its own FDT icon.

      • iOS. Go to Safari browser, click Share, click Add to Home Screen

      • Android. Go to Chrome browser click Menu button, click Add to Home Screen

  • Flight Entry.

    • For customers with Flight Vector CAD, when a flight is received you will now get an audio notification in addition to the REFRESH icon and MESSAGE on Status Bar.

    • Redesigned W&B Tool on Flight Entry Flight Entry help

      • W&B numbers now will appear automatically on Flight Entry if desired (not required)

      • W&B will copy (clicking Next Leg or Duplicate) to next legs to make filling it out easier and faster

    • Moved icons on a new Flight from vertical layout to horizontal layout and now they appear on header row. This helps on smartphones and tablets.

  • Reports

    • You can create reports with your new "Crew" if activated.

  • Library

    • New suggested tags. If you've already uploaded documents and tagged them we now allow you to select tags you've already made. Should help reduce the number of similar tags being created.

  • Aircraft

    • Redesigned Aircraft section for W&B see Flight Entry help

    • You can now add/edit your aircraft W&B data with new features such as Equipment Packages

  • Personnel

    • New option to track crew (medical, maintenance, OCS, etc.) training events just like pilots. Additional fees apply contact us to activate it.

    • Redesigned Personnel with highlight colors for Pilots, Crew, and Admin Staff (used to be called non-pilots)

    • Highlighting (gray) when a user is deactivated before hiding it

    • The "Welcome to Flight & Duty Tracker" email is automatically sent when a new user is created. This will help new users setup their password.

    • New filters have been added for companies with a very large number of pilots.

Bugs that were squashed

  • Many minor issues were cleaned up

Latest version 2.5 (July 2017)


  • FDT moved to a brandnew higher capacity better performing dedicated server

  • New multi-leg option is now available (Ask how to get it)

  • Flight Risk Assessment (FRAT) date/time stamping

  • New Risk Assessment 'System Report' added

  • New Risk Assessment 'Custom Report' options available to show date/time stamping (electronic signature)

  • More data flows between FlightVector CAD and FDT

  • New visual indicators for FRAT submission to OCS and OCS release of flights to the pilot

  • New About added to inform everyone of what the latest version # is and what has been changed/added

  • Time zone aware. FDT will now show times based on the time zone the pilot entering is in and then converted for company headquarters viewing. (We need to know the main HQ's timezone)

  • Freshened look for better smartphone/tablet usage (mobile friendlier)

  • Reminders upon login if a pilot has forgotten to entering key information (e.g. no landing times entered)

  • For overnight pilots (pilot starts shift on one calendar day but ends it on another) the system will return the pilot to the start duty day calendar date upon login if END DUTY time has not been entered. This will help solve the confusion some night pilots are having when entering a flight that occurs after midnight. The flight belongs to Shift Start as it concerns FDT. Reporting will still show the flight on the proper calendar date.

  • W&B information will now appear on the Load Manifest report on the Reports tab

  • Renamed "New Flight" to "Create Flight"

  • Reminders added to login pop-up window if there are incomplete flights

  • Removed "Logbook and Resume" quick links from status bar due to lack of use

  • New and completely renovated smartphone experience for FDT - check it out

Bugs that were squashed

  • Fixed flight time reporting bug affecting several reports

  • PIC/SIC With when using the keyboard fast fixed

  • W&B not working when a flight is received from FV CAD

  • Spelling errors in some modals

  • Fixed some modals where the dropdown spills outside of the edges

What comes next? 

Phase 1 - Redesign site.  Faster response times, Flight Entry work while offline.  Launched October 2016.
Phase 2 - Redesign Flight Entry (multi-legs are here)...                                        Launched July 2017
Phase 3 - Refresh W&B tool, Aircraft tab (Admin), and Personnel (Admin)        Launched June 2018
Phase 4 - Crew Check-in (linked to W&B and FV CAD)                                   Coming Soon
                - OCC component

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