more useful features

Flight & Duty Tracker™ monitors flight time and rest periods for all the pilots on your staff in a fast, efficient, web based package. A wide variety of information can be recorded for every flight, allowing pilots to maintain detailed records of their flight history and management staff to meet all requirements of the FAA CFR FARs, Canadian Aviation Regulations, or your country's regulations. Its full integration with the Flight Vector™ suite of products means that this information can be imported automatically, giving everyone in your organization the ability to spend more time on flying and less time on paperwork.

Other Key Features:

  • Training - all expirations are tracked and reports are a breeze to make

  • Flight & Duty limitations monitoring

  • Weight & Balance calculations

  • Pilot scheduling - integrated with entries

  • Risk Management - linked by flight or by shift

  • Incident reporting (trending for SMS/CAMTS) & F.R.A.T. entry

  • Meets FARs and OPS SPECS for full electronic recordkeeping (do away with paper pilot records for good)

  • Monitoring can be adapted for your country's regulations

  • Integrates with major aircraft maintenance tracking software (ask us)

  • And much more...