Flight & Duty tracker™ pricing

We offer the most competitive pricing available.  The monthly bill is established based on the highest number of pilots using the system during the month.  A report is generated internally based on the number of active pilots. 

Prices are per active pilot per month basis and are on a tiered system.  The more pilots you have the lower price per pilot.

For a complete pricing break down contact one of our customer support specialist.

Pricing includes but is not limited to:

  • Future customization (want to make changes to the system, no problem)
  • Updates at no additional fee
  • Always up-to-date with current regulations
  • Customized reports to fit your needs
  • Data security (secure website HTTPS)
  • Customer support (24/7)
  • Assistance in attaining FAA/CAA Electronic Recordkeeping Authorization

We also accept major credit cards.