We've added more and better filters to help you find the person you are looking for.  You can start typing a name in the Name: box or use any of the other filters to find a group(s) of personnel.

new buttons

To add users to FDT you will use "New Pilot", "New Admin Staff" or "New Crew".  Each of these have a color associated with them to make it easier for you to find personnel while scrolling through the master list.

When a new user is created and you've set an email address them the system will automatically send the 'Welcome to Flight & Duty Tracker' email to the user allowing them to setup their password.  Pilots and Admin Staff MUST have an email address whereas Crew do not require an email address as they probably do not need access to Flight & Duty Tracker.


We've added a new category to FDT, Crew.  You can now track training events, similar to pilots, that are important to your operation for your staff.  You'll work with a Flight Vector staff member to setup Crew for tracking purposes.  There is an additional lower fee for adding Crew tracking.